Saturday, September 25, 2010

SM-Liiga 25.9.2010


Ässät  -  Ilves
Blues  -  Kärpät
KalPa  -  SaiPa
Lukko  -  Pelicans
Tappara  -  HIFK
TPS  -  Jokerit

A bit in a hurry today so just short about the picks.

TPS - Jokerit, TPS 2,70 local bookie

-TPS has had a couple of very difficult games but they'll get some more experienced defenders back tonight
-Jokerit was very poor agains Lukko on Thursday
-Odds too  high on TPS

Lukko - Pelicans, Pelicans 4,40 local bookie

-Pelicans plays a bit unstable but on a good day they can easily beat Lukko
-Odds too high here on pelicans, could take the handicap too, +0.5 at around 2,25

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