Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is it time for Pelicans and Kärpät? 25.11.2010

Jokerit - HPK
Kärpät - HIFK
Lukko - Blues
Pelicans - KalPa
TPS - SaiPa

TPS - Saipa
Today maybe clearest home win for me. Tps won over Saipa on Tuesday, only 3-2 and I think TPS will win today too. TPS who suffered
of a veryvery bad start of season has started to improve their game. Thomas Plihal is back and onyl a couple of long-time injured are still
out. Saipa has played bad lately and the injuries does not help. Saipa has some quality in attack with McTavish and Redenbach but I can't
see them win tonight away at TPS.

Pick: TPS 1.719@Pinnacle

Not much else to play for me. I'll try Pelicans and Kärpät with low stakes. Kärpät has a new coach and their material is not as bad
as it seems according to the table, they have potential to much more and maybe new coach Hannu Aravirta will get it to work. Pelicans
have had a lot of problems too but I see the possibility of a home win against Kalpa who is in a 5 games winnig streak. Kalpa plays well
at home but is not a superior team away.

Kärpät+0 2.11@Pinnalce
Pelicans+0 2.26@Pinnacle

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Games 6.10.2010

Bad day yesterday, both bets wrong when Kalpa was unlucky in scoring and Kärpät took a hard beating from Ässät.

Four lower division games today in Mestis.
KooKoo - HeKi
D Team - Hokki
TuTo - Sport
LeKi - Jukurit

Don't have time right now to analyse the games any deeper just placed me bets on LeKi and Sport both at 2.10 odds at a local bookie. Leki in an impressive run against a quite poor Heki should be easy and I can't understand the odds here. Hoping that Sport gets their playing away to roll against TuTo who has lost quite big at home against worse teams.

5/14 -2.03u