Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Results 28.9.2010

HIFK  -  TPS 5-2
HPK  -  KalPa 2-2
Ilves  -  Lukko 2-4
JYP  -  Blues 3-0 
Kärpät  -  Jokerit 7-2

+1.1 units today when Lukko and Kärpät won. TPS did have a chance in 2nd period when they equalized to 1-1 but couldn't hold it for more than 26 seconds.

5/10 -0.03u ROI:-0,30%

Games 28.9.2010

HPK  -  KalPa
Ilves  -  Lukko
JYP  -  Blues
Kärpät  -  Jokerit

Five games today and I'll try a couple of bets today.

HIFK - TPS, TPS 5.00 Local Bookie
-TPS has improved their game last few games and HIFK again has played a couple of worse games
-TPS gets a couple guys back from injuries

Ilves- Lukko, Lukko 1.90 Local Bookie
-Ilves has performed well two last games but does miss 3-4 important players tonight
-Lukko has the material advantage and should win these games more often than 50% of the time

Kärpät - Jokerit, Kärpät 2.20 Local Bookie
-Kärpät has had a bad opening of the season as they usually have
-Jokerit has played Ok, not really amazing but average
-Kärpät good at home

Monday, September 27, 2010

Results 27.9.2010

Sport - Hokki 6-1
SaPKo - Suomi U20 7-1

Sport took a nice win. Hokii didn't really have a chance and Sport stayed away from the penaltybox. +0.8 units today. Will resume with sm-liiga games tomorrow.

3/7 -1,13u ROI: -16,14%

Games 27.9.2010

Just a couple of mestis games today.

Sport - Hokki
SaPKo - Suomi U20

Sport - Hokki, Sport 1,80 local bookie
-I'll take Sport here as they're really tough at home, an ugly 4-0 loss last game should fire the team up tonight
-Hokki has played average

Tomorrow again a full round of sm-liiga.

Made a nice and tasty hamburger last weekend! :D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bad day, results 25.9.2010

Ässät  -  Ilves 4-2
Blues  -  Kärpät 2-1OT (1-1)
KalPa  -  SaiPa 0-1
Lukko  -  Pelicans 5-3
Tappara  -  HIFK 4-3 Penalty-shootout (3-3)
TPS  -  Jokerit 2-3 Penalty-shootout (2-2)

Bad luck today as pelicans played unstable as I suspected, they lost a 0-2 lead and lost eventually. TPS play better than last two games but not good enough. -2 untis today.

2/6 -1,93u ROI: -32,17%

SM-Liiga 25.9.2010


Ässät  -  Ilves
Blues  -  Kärpät
KalPa  -  SaiPa
Lukko  -  Pelicans
Tappara  -  HIFK
TPS  -  Jokerit

A bit in a hurry today so just short about the picks.

TPS - Jokerit, TPS 2,70 local bookie

-TPS has had a couple of very difficult games but they'll get some more experienced defenders back tonight
-Jokerit was very poor agains Lukko on Thursday
-Odds too  high on TPS

Lukko - Pelicans, Pelicans 4,40 local bookie

-Pelicans plays a bit unstable but on a good day they can easily beat Lukko
-Odds too high here on pelicans, could take the handicap too, +0.5 at around 2,25

Friday, September 24, 2010

Results 24.9.2010

HPK - Tappara 2-4

Hokki - TuTo 8-3
Jokipojat - K-Laser 1-5
K-Vantaa - Sport 4-0
Jukurit - SaPKo 2-2 -- 3-2 after penalty shootout
D Team - KooKoo 3-2

0.22 units profit today when K-vantaa won but KooKoo lost 3-2 to D Team. KooKoo had a very bad day, 53 shots on goal 
and 2! goals while D Team only 20 shots on goal and 3 goals. K Vantaa won 4-0 against Sport and I'm starting to think
Sports 1st goalie M.Rossi is going to step aside and give the 2nd goalie a change in next games. Shots on goal 38-17 to Sport
and 0 goals, very dissapointing for Sport.

Six Sm-Liiga games and one Mestis game tomorrow and I think there's a couple of good betting games there too will resume to them tomorrow.

2/4 +0.07u ROI:1.75%

Games and picks 24.9.2010

HPK - Tappara

Hokki - TuTo
Jokipojat - K-Laser
K-Vantaa - Sport
Jukurit - SaPKo
D Team - KooKoo

D Team - KooKoo, KooKoo 1,85 Betsafe,Ladbrokes

-D Team has had a lot of changes in the line-up and several players who has played with D team the first games played with JYP yesterday
-KooKoo has a solid goalie
-KooKoo has started their season very good 3-0-0 with a goal difference of 12-3, very imressive

K Vantaa - Sport, K Vantaa 2,22 Expekt

-K Vantaa has the same loan players from sm-liiga teams as last tuesday
-Sport has some problems in scoring and in defence, last game against Sapko they managed to score however
-K Vantaa has been solid at home, 4-2 against Jukurit and 5-1 against Heki

Thursday, September 23, 2010

23.9.2010 Results

Jyp won as supposed but saipa lost. -0,15units today.

23.09. SM-Liiga
Blues - KalPa
Ilves - HIFK
Jokerit - Lukko
Kärpät - Pelicans
SaiPa - Ässät 1-4

Quite many underdogs won today; Ässät, Pelicans and Ilves. Tomorrow is an interesting mestis day and I'll post some thoughts tomorrow.

Stats 1W1L -0,15u

Games 23.9.2010, 2 picks

23.09. SM-Liiga
Blues - KalPa
Ilves - HIFK
Jokerit - Lukko
Kärpät - Pelicans
SaiPa - Ässät

Picks for today is Saipa and Jyp -1,5 

JYP - TPS, Jyp -1,5 1,85, Pinnacle

-TPS lost 0-7 to Blues on Tuesday
-TPS has a very bad situation with defenders and the defence-lineup doesn't change much from tuesday
-JYP has played solid 2-1-0 but hasn't scored much, I think today is their cahnge

Saipa - Ässät, Saipa 2,10 BWIN (~2.00@Pinnacle good too)

-Saipa playde quite well agains a strong HIFK on tuesday but lost in overtime
-Ässät started season very good 2-0-1
-Saipa had a harder season start agains Kärpät,Lukko and HIFK and a record of 1-1-1
-Today Saipa gets a bit easier opponent and I think Saipa will win at home

These are just my thoughts about the games and I'm not advicing anyone to play as I do. I usually play with a flat stake so I'll be posting the results as if I'm staking a flat stake on each game. Can't really say how many picks I'll post but I'll try to post as often as possible when there is someting to play in my opinnion. Will post results later tonight.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Results 22.9.2010


Tappara  - Lukko 6-2 (0-1, 3-1, 3-0)


K-Vantaa - HeKi 5-1 (1-0, 1-1, 3-0)

KooKoo - Hokki 4-0 (0-0. 1-0, 3-0)

Sport - SaPKo 5-2 (2-2, 1-0, 2-0)

D Team - LeKi 1-5  (0-3, 0-1, 1-1)

1 Sm-liiga and 4 Mestis games tonight

Tappara  - Lukko

K-Vantaa - HeKi
KooKoo - Hokki
Sport - SaPKo
D Team - LeKi