Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Games 6.10.2010

Bad day yesterday, both bets wrong when Kalpa was unlucky in scoring and Kärpät took a hard beating from Ässät.

Four lower division games today in Mestis.
KooKoo - HeKi
D Team - Hokki
TuTo - Sport
LeKi - Jukurit

Don't have time right now to analyse the games any deeper just placed me bets on LeKi and Sport both at 2.10 odds at a local bookie. Leki in an impressive run against a quite poor Heki should be easy and I can't understand the odds here. Hoping that Sport gets their playing away to roll against TuTo who has lost quite big at home against worse teams.

5/14 -2.03u

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Games 5.10.2010

First of all I've had a lot of things to do so I haven't updated the blog in a few days. Nothing special to play though these
days I missed. Tonight there's six games of SM-Liiga and tomorrow four games of Mestis.

KalPa  -  Ilves
Lukko  -  HIFK
Pelicans  -  TPS 
SaiPa  -  HPK 
Tappara  -  JYP
Ässät  -  Kärpät

Kalpa - Ilves, Kalpa -1,5 2,01 Pinnaclesports
-Ilves played a friendly game against Minnesota Wild yesterday
-Ilves in a quite bad run only 1 overtime win in last 4 games
-Kalpa not in a good run but I think they should clear this one with at least 2 goals

Ässät - Kärpät, Kärpät 2,60 Local bookie
-Ässät had a total breakdown last game when they lost 11-3 to HIFK
-Kärpät started season very bad but are starting to play better 3 wins in last 5 games
-Altough Ässät at home is thought I think the odds on Kärpät are too high

Oh and I bought a new phone some days ago, a Nokia E72.
Very nice, I really like the actual QWERT keyboard after having an iPhone 3G and only a touchscreen. Don't know if it was an update from the iPhone but I wanted something new and had heard a lot good things about the E72. The menus are a bit tricky and you really have to search for some settings for a while before you find them but the phone properties are great. Crystal clear voice in the calls and texting/e-mailing is easy and fast.