Thursday, September 23, 2010

Games 23.9.2010, 2 picks

23.09. SM-Liiga
Blues - KalPa
Ilves - HIFK
Jokerit - Lukko
Kärpät - Pelicans
SaiPa - Ässät

Picks for today is Saipa and Jyp -1,5 

JYP - TPS, Jyp -1,5 1,85, Pinnacle

-TPS lost 0-7 to Blues on Tuesday
-TPS has a very bad situation with defenders and the defence-lineup doesn't change much from tuesday
-JYP has played solid 2-1-0 but hasn't scored much, I think today is their cahnge

Saipa - Ässät, Saipa 2,10 BWIN (~2.00@Pinnacle good too)

-Saipa playde quite well agains a strong HIFK on tuesday but lost in overtime
-Ässät started season very good 2-0-1
-Saipa had a harder season start agains Kärpät,Lukko and HIFK and a record of 1-1-1
-Today Saipa gets a bit easier opponent and I think Saipa will win at home

These are just my thoughts about the games and I'm not advicing anyone to play as I do. I usually play with a flat stake so I'll be posting the results as if I'm staking a flat stake on each game. Can't really say how many picks I'll post but I'll try to post as often as possible when there is someting to play in my opinnion. Will post results later tonight.

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