Friday, September 24, 2010

Results 24.9.2010

HPK - Tappara 2-4

Hokki - TuTo 8-3
Jokipojat - K-Laser 1-5
K-Vantaa - Sport 4-0
Jukurit - SaPKo 2-2 -- 3-2 after penalty shootout
D Team - KooKoo 3-2

0.22 units profit today when K-vantaa won but KooKoo lost 3-2 to D Team. KooKoo had a very bad day, 53 shots on goal 
and 2! goals while D Team only 20 shots on goal and 3 goals. K Vantaa won 4-0 against Sport and I'm starting to think
Sports 1st goalie M.Rossi is going to step aside and give the 2nd goalie a change in next games. Shots on goal 38-17 to Sport
and 0 goals, very dissapointing for Sport.

Six Sm-Liiga games and one Mestis game tomorrow and I think there's a couple of good betting games there too will resume to them tomorrow.

2/4 +0.07u ROI:1.75%

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